Phases of Construction

Phases of Construction

All construction projects, complex and simple alike, go through a series of preset stages, with every stage building on the stage right before it. 

Once a certain stage has been completed thoroughly and completely, there is a higher for the next stage to follow suit. It is also applicable whether the structure is a large industrial complex or a small house.

Most of the common concerns that arise during a construction project are often because of rushing through several important steps in every stage of the construction. It can lead to expensive delays once the site inspection reveals that there are issues that should be fixed before the project could move forward and resume. 

Take a look at the short overview of the five fundamental phases of construction to have a good idea of what’s involved in every project. 

1st Stage: Design 

This phase is also known as the planning or initiation stage. It is the stage where every construction project begins. Usually, when design starts, a site was already chosen so all the dimensions of the land and possible legal requirements or restrictions are known as well.

There are instances when the stage of the design feels like the lengthiest stage during a construction process since it is the phase where all aspects of the project get outline, including the estimated cost, scope, and timeline.

2nd Stage: Pre-construction

This is the time for winning bidders to be in full gear and turn the wheels for the actual construction project. The project team, vendors, and contractor typically go to work to prepare the construction site. The phase could be less or more complex based on the chosen site. Often, it is necessary to conduct soil tests for ruling out any need for an environmental remediation. Discovery of toxins can cause a delay in the project during the remediation of the site. 

3rd Stage: Procurement

The stage of procurement focuses on the assembly of all necessary materials and supplies for earnest start of working on the construction site. Procurement also encompasses assembly of the workers and outsourcing as required to sub-contractor teams with the local labor crews for specific needs such as electrical, mechanical, plumbing, sewer, and more. 

4th Stage: Construction

It is the construction stage everyone is waiting for as this is the time to finally start the project. The construction and project teams meet to go through the timeline of the project, establish basic security of the site, revisit safety protocols for the labor and construction crews, agree on the start date of the construction, and transport over the initial materials to the construction site. 

5th Stage: Commissioning

This stage is where the entire project starts coming together. Things are mostly in place and they look as they should. This is also the time to put the components and structure through their paces, test every system, every appliance, and every component to iron out any trouble spots. 

Going through this phase with extra care and time can ensure that the final inspection of the site will also go smoothly. 

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